Primary Gallery: Flora Hanitijo, April 1-30

Reception for the artist Friday, April 1st 6-9pm


Since I was uprooted from Macau to Montreal, Canada at age 10, I have been obsessed with collecting, capturing, remembering, and preserving the minutia of every day life. While you were sleeping is the result of this obsession. It is a memoir and a love letter in the loosest sense dedicated to the people I love. These images are my way of sharing and documenting instances missed - a study of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. They are records for loved ones of ordinary moments, daily rituals with people and places. As an observer and tacit commentator, these preserved instances of unremarkable moments and places mirror my everyday joys, struggles and disquiet. I call upon the pleasure in slowness to focus on these overlooked unfoldings. I take glimpses into people’s private spaces both literally and psychologically. I contemplate the complexities and beauty in the subtleties and unpredictability of every day life. I look at families and nature in its various stages, the beginning of day to the deep silence of the night. It is my way of preserving my thoughts and stirring memories of days gone. These are the days while you were sleeping and I was awake.

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